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Police beef up patrols in Old Sacramento to crack down on crime

Police beef up patrols in Old Sacramento to crack down on crime
Police beef up patrols in Old Sacramento to crack down on crime 02:28

SACRAMENTO — Sacramento police are beefing up patrols in Old Sacramento in an effort to reduce crime that's impacting local store owners there.

Businesses like the Garden of Enchantment say they see a positive difference in the crime level due to the extra patrols. Other store owners say there is still a concern and they are even limiting their store hours.

"I do see [officers] more, and I saw one when I came in today," Old Sacramento visitor Annin Piper said. "And I always see them. I guess they're called mounts on the horses."

Door to door, Sacramento police actively make sure their presence is seen and that businesses are heard.

"I haven't personally seen a ton of crime, but I know, occasionally, something does happen down here and police are so wonderful to us," the Garden of Enchantment owner said.

The extra patrols are responding to calls and checking if services are needed throughout the area.

"They walk through and go to, I believe, every store and ask you, 'How's your day?' Is there anything they need to know about? And let us often know where they are going to be and how long they're going to be here, and they're not here 24 hours a day. They're not bully-like," the Garden of Enchantment owner said.

Visitors and store owners say the extra patrols are a relief and that it helps businesses when a theft is reported or when they see homeless near their storefront.

"It's good to have safety out for our kids," Piper said. "I support it."

The only complaint a store owner made is that they wish there were more patrol officers. The two patrol officers that I spoke with Friday said they were doing overtime since there aren't enough officers for more patrols in the area.

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