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Police Ramp Up Patrols In Old Sacramento After Violent Fights, Shots Fired

OLD SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Police ramped up patrols in Old Sacramento for the weekend after violent fights broke out between dozens of juveniles last Sunday.

The big presence came with a surge in boots on the ground Friday night. Officers actively stopped people and searched their vehicles.

"I've seen a lot of cops cruising back and forth. We were here a couple weeks ago and it wasn't that bad," said Monty Anderson, who was having dinner.

CBS13 witnessed two vehicle searches within minutes of each other Friday night.

"I think that's fantastic because I feel a lot safer," Nicole Thalhamer said in reference to the large police presence.

And just before Brannan Manor owner Richard Sibrian arrived to talk with CBS13 for an interview, police stopped and handcuffed him, he said.

"I asked them 'What is going on?' And they said, 'Put your hands behind your back, we've got to search your car,' " Siberian said.

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The big presence came after massive fights last weekend. As many as 60 minors were involved in a major disturbance. Police also responded to shots fired in an Old Sacramento parking garage.

Sibrian was working that night and had to shutdown his restaurant for safety

"It was a pretty bad event," he said.

He said the extra police presence is needed this weekend, but he's concerned about all the stops and searches.

"I think law enforcement is under so much pressure right now that they are not doing their job properly," Sibrian said.

Some people think the crowds in Old Sacramento have a lot to do with it being one of the only places left with a night life during the pandemic.

"You definitely have to give kids somewhere to go or something to do because right now kids are going crazy being at home," said Blanca Olivarez.

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