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Dramatic Video Shows Hero Good Samaritan Rescue Woman Trapped In Overturned Truck

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Incredible cell phone video shows a Good Samaritan rescuing a woman trapped inside the cab of an overturned truck, using his bare hands to break through the glass windshield.

The truck flipped over on Highway 160 Saturday afternoon near Arden-Arcade.

The cell phone video shows the truck on its side. Through the glass, you can see a man helping to free the woman trapped inside. Then, suddenly the video shows the windshield bursting from inside.

You can see a man's feet and then bare hands breaking it apart, to his friend's amazement.

"You're cutting yourself bro, be careful Neek!" someone off-camera said.

Moments later, the trapped woman emerges for a big hug from her daughter.

The hero, his arms covered in blood, gets a hug too. That hero is Nicholas Lee.

"I took the initiative to hop on the truck," Lee said.

Lee shared his concerns as he jumped into action.

"To help the lady out, her leg was stuck, the entire time I was trying to make her to remain calm, pull her leg out," Lee said.

Lee is a former Sierra College defensive lineman. Photos from the Sierra College Athletic Department show number 94 in his playing days just a few years ago.

He said it was his time in the Sierra Colege football program that gave him to the confidence to launch this one-man rescue operation.

"I just know that she thanked me, she was happy," Lee said. "It put a good smile on my face, so yeah."

Captivating video of a dramatic rescue showing a hero's work.

Quick thinking and fast-acting to help a stranger, because he could.

Lee says his football playing days are over and he hasn't decided what's next, but he is considering pursuing work in the medical field or as a firefighter.

The woman rescued was initially taken to a hospital after reporting pain, but she is now okay.

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