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'They Are Heroes': Nevada County Woman Thanks Firefighters Who Kept Flames From Her Home

NEVADA COUNTY (CBS13)  -  One woman in Nevada County came dangerously close to losing everything in the River Fire.  Now she wants everyone to know who's responsible for stopping the flames in their tracks.

Pam Savage couldn't do a thing as the flames of the River Fire raced towards her home.  Firefighters shared a video with her showing how close she came to losing everything.

"It came right up to the edge of my driveway," she told CBS13.

Pam has lived in Nevada County just west of Colfax for more than a decade, but she's never lived through anything like this. The blaze destroyed nearly 100 structures and more than 60 of them homes.  Some of the homes destroyed belonged to Pam's neighbors.  She says she doesn't expect to live in the home much longer, considering her age and how much it takes to care for a home in such a rural area.  Still, after seeing all of the loss and devastation, there is one image that sticks with Pam now: a picture of the line of more than 20 firefighters who rushed in to protect her home.

"These men that defended this property and they don't even know me. It's incredible. I'm surprised that my house is still here." said Pam.

Pam snapped the picture that she will now treasure for years to come.  The firefighters lined her driveway with axes in their hands, digging a fire line to hold off the flames. Her home and everything surrounding it are now covered in red retardant.  It's a reminder of how close she came to losing everything if it weren't for the firefighters who stood their ground.

"I just fought through my tears because I wanted to let them know that when they went home to tell their neighbors, to tell their parents to tell their wives, to tell their children that they are heroes," said Pam.

As of Monday night, the River Fire was 68% contained.  Firefighters in Placer and Nevada counties hope to have it completely contained by the end of the week.


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