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Nate, Cory, and Jason Ross Show - June 15th, 2015


Sunday funday, Game 5 gives the edge to the Warriors. Steph goes off and Lebron, well, he does everything it just wasn't enough last night. Warriors go up 3-2, will they win it all tomorrow night? MJ say's he could beat some of his players one on one. Jerry Reynolds had a quote this morning on the morning show that was worthy of us talking about. Scott Howard Cooper joined the show to talk NBA Finals and the Kings upcoming draft. The List was in honor of Lebron James saying he is the best player in the world. Famous quotes by sports figures that are unforgettable. David Blatt gets drilled by a reporter and we finished the show with Kings talk. If your a Kings fan, can you cheer for the Warriors? Is it over the line to want the Warriors to win the finals.

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