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Mount Shasta Community Stunned Over Roseville Quadruple Homicide Investigation

MT. SHASTA (CBS13) - The Mount Shasta Police Chief was shocked by murder suspect Shankar Hangud showing up to the Police Department and confessing to killing four people Monday.

Chief Parish Cross said he hasn't seen an investigation like this in his 15 years of service.

"No one is immune, no community is immune from it. When they do happen, it's hard to handle," he said.

Police say Hangud drove a body, an adult male relative, through farm fields past Shasta Lake and through the mountains. He ended up on Mt. Shasta Boulevard downtown.

"People are upset and disappointed and shocked," said Cross.

Now the Roseville Police Department, which is leading this investigation, is looking into how Hangud ended up in Siskiyou County.

"Why he'd end up here is unknown, he said we're right on the freeway, and you have a lot of people who come into town," Cross said.

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Around noon Monday, Hangud walked to the dispatch window and admitted to committing murder.

"The dispatch officer was in shock and asked to repeat the statement. Once he repeated the same statement, and admitted the homicide, he also said there were possibly more victims in Roseville," said Cross.

Cross says Hangud was polite and matter of fact.

"He seemed concerned, with a look on his face like he had something on his mind," he said.

Chief Cross and another officer walked to the suspect's car, removed a tarp in the front seat, and saw a body lying underneath.

"The Sergeant and I come out to the side door looking for a red vehicle. We had the car open, and looked inside and found a deceased subject in the vehicle," Cross said.

A little more than 3,000 people call Mt. Shasta home. Parish says this investigation will make a major impact in this small town and communities around Northern California.

"Now we have a 225 mile divide from one crime scene to where we found him," he said.

The suspect's car was brought back from Mt. Shasta to the Roseville area for their investigation.

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