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Modesto Wants To Crack Down On Residents Parking Cars On Lawns

MODESTO (CBS13) — The city of Modesto wants to crack down on what it says is a recurring problem—people parking their cars on their lawns.

A home in northeast Modesto has a perfectly good driveway, even a car port. But the person who lives there still chooses to park on the grass.

Neighbors like Theresa Souza believe people parking on their lawn is unsightly.

"It makes it look ghetto," she said.

The tire marks and dead grass are clear as day on Stan Bautista's front lawn where he usually parks his car.

A Modesto city ordinance prohibits parking cars on lawns, and the city can cite drivers if a neighbor calls and complains. The city says it receives about two to three complaints a week.

But Staun Bautista says the reason is because parking closer to a home deters thieves.

"It's just more safer for some people. because they invest into their cars, they put money into their cars and if you put money into your car you are going to want it to be safe," he said.

Davian Landers wonders what's the big deal, and doesn't think the rule should exist.

"I park on the grass all the time. I mean it's convenient. You back up, you back in, you pull out, it's real simple. I don't get why people get upset about it," he said. "It's your grass, it's your property, you are paying rent there. If you wanna park there, park there."

The first complaint is a warning, while future complaints carry a fine of $100 or more.

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