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Deadly Crash Involves Sac Metro Fire Ambulance, Another Driver And Pedestrian

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) -- California Highway Patrol is investigating a deadly crash involving a Sac Metro Fire ambulance, another driver, and a pedestrian.

"I heard that she was still screaming for help but then this ambulance came over and ran her over," said Sandeep Dhillon a business owner.

Dispatch audio recordings included the sounds of a person crying, following the deadly crash Friday night on Fulton near Arden Way.

Dhillon was working inside his shop when heard a loud crash.

He went outside and says that's when he saw a woman in the street and a distraught man standing nearby.

"I saw her boyfriend hitting at the ambulance door like oh my god you ran over my girl, you killed her she was the love of my life," he said.

Sac Metro Fire says one of its ambulances transporting a patient, another vehicle, and a pedestrian were involved in the deadly incident.

Dhillon says the victim was his longtime customer's girlfriend.

"And I know him for almost 12, 15 years. I had no words to tell him, I don't know what to say," he said.

Jennifer Jackson works at a store near the crash site.

"That is devastating because if it happened twice, there is no reason for that to happen not even at night, that's just, it's ridiculous," Jackson said.

Although right now it's not clear if the victim was trying to cross the street, she says the area is known for jaywalkers.

She's now on a mission to bring change and plans to create her own signs to remind drivers to slow down and pedestrians to be cautious.

"Something like that, that catches the driver's attention," she said.

Dhillon can't stop thinking about the deadly crash involving an ambulance, a vehicle meant to save lives.

"It was sad honestly it was so, so, so sad," he said.

Sac Metro Fire says the patient inside the ambulance was not hurt.

The CHP has not stated whether the other driver involved was speeding, distracted, or under the influence and it's also not known if the paramedics inside the ambulance will face any disciplinary action as the circumstances surrounding the crash remain under investigation.

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