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Meth Disguised As Candy Confiscated From Ione Middle Schooler

IONE (CBS13) - Authorities say drugs disguised as candy was confiscated from a junior high student in Ione.

The incident happened on Monday. According to a letter sent to parents at Ione Junior High, an item that looked like Smarties Candy was taken from a student during lunch.

A test of the "candy" came back positive for methamphetamine, school officials say.

"It was scary to see that these drugs are masked as candy, and could be passed off to any student as such," the school's principal and vice principal wrote in a statement. "It is worrisome that it can come in the forms of very popular types of snacks that we see sold daily, even the packaging can be similar."

School officials say they are working closely with local law enforcement agencies to investigate the incident.

"Please take the time to sit down and speak with your students about the importance of not taking anything from anyone," school officials wrote.



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