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Memorial Day Melt: Heatwave Hits The Sacramento Region Early

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The Sacramento region is dealing with a mini-heatwave as many residents headed out for what feels like the first real holiday since the start of the pandemic.

CBS13 went to the local waterways to see how people are seeing relief.

David Lee and his friends made it out to Discovery Park for the second year in a row.

"It wasn't this packed, I'm kind of surprised to see this many people here," he said.

The parking lot was full by midday, but they've been itching to spend this day on the water with friends. They call it an unofficial end to a long year of pandemic life.

"Last year there was nothing moving -- it was stuck quarantine. This year is looking a little bit better," said Alfred Sanchez.

Last year at Beals Point along Folsom Lake, all eyes were on the crowds gathering at the beach. Lifeguards and law enforcement were tasked with keeping tabs on people required to stay six feet apart.

This year there's no enforcement, but there's barely a crowd.

"Last year there was a lot of water. This year the water is too far away," said Shahnaz Ben Selma. She and her family make a tradition of coming to the Granite Bay side of the lake.

But this year she thinks the low lake levels and the triple-digit heat, with no relief, are keeping people away.

She said her family plans to stick it out, spending the day in the sun, far from the water, and finding other ways to stay cool.

"A lot of water drinking ice water I think," she said.

With the heat hitting much earlier this year, cooling centers are popping up in our region. Officials are warning that on days like today, beachgoers should be aware that the water is fast-moving and cold. They urge parents to keep an eye on their kids and ensure they have on a lifejacket.

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