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McDonald's Employee Celebrates 30 Years On The Job

ORANGEVALE (CBS13) — You can find a lot on the menu at McDonald's, but if you swing by the location at Hazel and Madison in Sacramento, you'll get much more than a meal.

One minute with Peggy Lombardi is enough to see her skill set has everything to do with her customer service. Some may say Peggy is a minister of McDonald's happiness.

Wayne Turley is a regular customer of Holly's at the Hazel and Madison location.

"It's like the coffee I have to have in the morning. If I don't have my daily dose of Peggy, my day is pretty much half-shot," Turley said.

Peggy has been delivering those daily doses for 30 years, which is a fast food milestone that regulars like Turley wanted to celebrate.

"We all get rewarded with her happiness. It breathes into us and we're happy with others," Turley said.

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The team at Peggy's location marked her three decades of service with a lot of fanfare including balloons, gifts, and a shiny new name tag.

Peggy said her crew member position has never really felt like a job. This, she said, is her family.

"It makes me feel really good inside. I feel very good and very happy and very wonderful," Peggy said.

Gloria McNally is Peggy's job coach at PRIDE Industries. She has been with Peggy since day one.

"This is her life. This is truly her life," McNally said.

She knew the golden arches could provide a golden opportunity for Peggy.

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"She has had so many friends from here. She doesn't have any family that lives here, so this is really her family," McNally said.

Peggy's celebrated career is making a slow and steady impact in the world of fast food.

"She's a trooper. She rocks this place. Without her... it wouldn't be the same," Turley said.

Peggy says she has no plans of retiring anytime soon. She will keep working at McDonald's as long as she can.

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