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Man Accused Of Taking Pictures Of Children Set For Release From Sacramento Jail

SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies arrested a man accused of taking inappropriate pictures of small children at Halloween City in south Sacramento County.

Garth Clark, 67, was arrested on Wednesday, accused of child annoyance.

Deputies say a parent noticed Clark allegedly following a little girl and taking pictures with his phone on Monday.

Garth Clark
(Credit CBS13)

Clark disappeared until Wednesday when deputies found him near his RV in a parking lot. When they searched his phone, they found at least 50 other pictures of small, female children.

"He's got a fascination with small children," Sgt. Lisa Bowman said.

Deputies are trying to identify the children.

Clark's expected to be released from the Sacramento County Jail as the offense is only considered a misdemeanor.

However, forensic investigators now have Clark's phone and can try to recover any photos he may have deleted.

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