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Little Joe Loudmouth: Watch Niners and Cardinals Fans Brawl


Frustrated fans, plus booze, equals this.

Niner fans are earning themselves quite the reputation and yesterday they continued to add to it.

And unfortunately, the Niners on the field are starting to earn themselves quite the reputation too.

Yesterday the Niners drop their second straight game and continue to leave fans frustrated with their confusing play.  It's as if Jim Harbaugh's halftime speech is "Good job guys, that was a great first half.  Now lets go out there and do the complete opposite".

They look lost, confused and extremely undisciplined. Kaepernick looks likes he's worth every dollar in the first half, then he looks like an overpaid joke in the second. His game management is infuriating. The play calling is baffling. The defense is getting exposed, desperately missing Bowman & Smith. They're only 3 weeks in, but they need to fix things and fix it soon or come January they can plan their vacations early.

So many questions need to be answered.  Kaepernick overpaid?  Harbaugh on his way out?  Has the window closed?  13 games to figure it out.  Next up, the 3-0 Eagles.  Good luck.

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