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'It's Humiliating': Lincoln City Council Censures Member Caught On Video Seemingly Slapping Businessman Matthew Oliver

LINCOLN (CBS13 ) — A Lincoln City Council meeting took a turn last week after Councilman William Lauritsen allegedly struck local businessman Matthew Oliver, and it all went down during a debate between candidates running for U.S. Congress.

On Tuesday night, a city council meeting was held to determine possible repercussions for Lauritsen's actions. Lincoln City Council voted to censure Lauritsen — the first time a councilmember was censured in 132 years.

The city council officially disapproved of Lauritsen's behavior and removed him from all city committees, though, Lauritsen denies any wrongdoing.

"I never slapped Oliver," he said.

Lincoln Mayor Holly Andreatta claims Lauritsen's aggressive actions stained the city's reputation.

"Bill, your actions jeopardized our reputation not only in Placer County but statewide. It's humiliating it's embarrassing," the mayor said. "We are held to a high standard. Matthew videotapes everything. Matthew is Matthew, but you are an elected official on this council."

The hours-long meeting did garner support for Lauritsen with some claiming Oliver baited him.

"The provocation by Matthew Oliver should never have begun. Let he who is without fault throw the first stone,"
"I ask the council to say the lesson has been learned and close the issue,"

Ultimately the vote was unanimous, censuring Lauritsen who said he won't back down without a fight. Lauritsen said he is going to ask for this to be redressed.

"I'm certain to do that," he said.

Lauritsen said he feels this is a partisan political move, though, several times throughout the meeting, councilmembers and the mayor mentioned this wasn't about politics, it was simply about the fact that Lauritsen seemed to put his hands on another person and he deserved to be reprimanded.

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