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How to know when you're hurting your dog's feelings

How to know when you're hurting your dog's feelings
How to know when you're hurting your dog's feelings 01:38

The last thing you want to do is hurt your dog's feelings, but do you really know the moments when that is happening?

There are five things you might be doing that could hurt your dog's feelings. 

The first is ignoring your dog. Dogs thrive on attention, so when their tails wag and your reaction lags, it bums them out. Pushing your dog away or ignoring them can give them the doggie blues. 

Top vets remind us that dogs are social creatures. They need to be around their pack, which in this case means you, and isolation from their pack will likely cause depression. 

Another action is not to rub their nose in it. 

No matter what you've heard about housetraining techniques, experts say this will hurt your dog's feelings. 

It's also not advisable to use the "come here" command for something your dog doesn't like. "Come here" and let's go for a walk is great, but "come here" and let's take your medicine, not so much. 

If your dog has fears, instead of punishing or scolding them, show them comfort. This could range from fireworks to siren sounds. 

Finally, don't use their crate as punishment. If a dog likes its crate and goes in, it's because the crate is a place of comfort. 

The last one, which works for raising kids too, is to be consistent. Don't scold them for jumping on the couch one day and the next day, invite them up to cuddle. 

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