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Bear Caught Rummaging Through Trash Left At Lake Tahoe

KINGS BEACH (CBS13) — The Placer County Sheriff's Office released a video of a bear eating through trash on the north side of Lake Tahoe as a reminder to residents to clean up after themselves.

The bear is seen in the video chewing through piles of trash as deputies acknowledge what a mess the animal made. The deputy on the video jokingly says to the bear, "You're leaving quite a mess; want to clean it up?"

Deputies warn residents to secure trash cans, bear boxes and dumpsters so incidents like this won't happen.

"When you leave your garbage unsecured, you run the risk of the local bears making a mess like this....Please secure your garbage cans, bear boxes and dumpsters. Because as cute as they are, they don't clean up after themselves!" they posted on the department's Facebook page.


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