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'I've Done The Work': New Modesto Minor League GM Veronica Hernandez Breaks Baseball Barriers

MODESTO (CBS13) — For the first time in history, a Latina woman has been named as the general manager of a minor league baseball team.

Veronica Hernandez is in a league of her own, shattering not one but two glass ceilings after being named the first-ever female general manager of the Modesto Nuts.

"I always wanted to earn a position because of my skill," she said. "I want it because I've done the work, because I've done a good job."

The east coast transplant has an extensive business and baseball background, earning her a spot in the starting lineup for the Seattle Mariners' minor league team.

"There are so many males out there in female-related industries: gynecologists, doctors, in general, coaches for female sports," Hernandez said. "How can they coach females if they've never played in a female sport before?"

"What boys can do, you can do," said Jessie Jones.

Jones is nuts for her local minor league team, and now, the new GM.

"It's a men's sport and you normally don't see girls doing that kind of stuff. It takes a lot of courage to do that," Jones said.

Hernandez is hoping for a championship ring for her first season and says she'd dedicate the winning season to players and fans.

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