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How To Keep Your Weight Loss Resolutions On Track During Super Bowl

As we await Super Bowl Sunday with the Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots, some may be concerned with their resolutions to either lose weight or just stay healthy this year. If you're concerned with staying on track, don't worry. Here are some tips to stay on course, keep your resolutions, and have a great time.

According to nutritionist Carly Pollock, one important thing to remember is to eat in moderation. One rule of thumb: eat only what can "carry" in your two hands.

"It's better to graze off your plate than to graze off the (food) spread" says Pollock.

Another thing to remember from Carly is to eat only food that will "spoil." Eating non-processed food is better than eating things like chips. So eating mac-n-cheese or wings are far better to eat than grazing on chips and other processed food that will barely satisfy you. Just eat in moderation.

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