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Hoarder's Home Cleared, Sending Insects, Rodents Into Neighboring Yards And Sewer

ANTELOPE (CBS13) — A neighborhood in Antelope is suffering the aftermath of a hoarder. A house on their block was recently cleared of all its trash, but now the insects and rodents are running rampant, infesting not only neighbor's yards but the sewer system.

"You live a pretty clean life and all of a sudden you see this little critter go by, you're like where the hell did that come from?" said neighbor Booker T. Pannell.

Pannell knew instantly where the creepy crawlers were coming from. He says the house two doors down from him has been a problem since he moved in eight years ago. It's dilapidated, was full of trash and a breeding ground for rodents, which soon took over his own home.

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"It's like something you see on TV, but not in your backyard. We counted them and we was up to 35—35 rats that we found and killed."

That was last year, but last week the hoarder's house was cleaned out. Within days, the critters had returned to Pannell's home.

"They're looking for the new home. They should have covered the whole house and bombed it."

It's not just rats roaming around.

"My God I want to move," said an unidentified neighbor who also says on Sunday, his backyard was crawling with cockroaches- at least 100 of them.

"The next day they doubled. They were everywhere."

Including inside a manhole that leads to underground sewer lines in the middle of the cul-de-sac. The concerned neighbor called the Sacramento Area Sewer District, which came out Monday morning.

"He put the flashlight on it and they just ran everywhere, so I said you gotta be kidding me."

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"They can come up underneath your house?" asked Pannell.

Even as they prepare for more pests in the coming days, Pannell and his neighborhood are glad to say goodbye to the nightmare they've been living next to.

"Finally, you know finally it's going to be over."

The Sacramento Area Sewer District says it plans to spray for cockroaches in the lines Tuesday. It also says it's unlikely insects will enter homes through the sewer lines, but if anyone experiences any issues- they are asked to contact the district.

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