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Family Of Four Involved In Highway 99 Shooting

LODI (CBS13) - The California Highway Patrol is investigating an accident in Lodi that was likely caused by gunfire along Hwy. 99 on Sunday.

The crash was nearly fatal and investigators still don't know who may have pulled the trigger.

"The mom and kids came out first pretty quick but the dad. It wasn't looking that good for him," said Dylan Biegler who heard the shots ring out on Sunday.

"I was just in my room…and I just hear six gunshots and someone drive off and then you hear a loud bang," he said.

Biegler says he wasn't sure where they were coming from and took cover.

"I stayed away from my window. I was cautious about it," he said.

Eventually rushing out to the corner of Cherokee Ln. and Schaffer Dr., he saw a black car that had flipped upside-down

"The dad -- it took them one of the things to open the door to get him out," said Biegler.

First responders arrived on the scene quickly. A close family friend tells CBS13 the father involved is still in the hospital and the bullets that likely caused the crash were not meant for them.

"When you hear about a random shooting like that it certainly gets your attention," said Larry Alberg, who just moved back to his hometown of Lodi and is concerned the person or people responsible for the gunshots are still out there.

"The randomness of it tends to make you think of the mortality that we all face. What did you hope to accomplish other than chaos," said Alberg.

The California Highway Patrol is in charge of the investigation. They do not have a suspect or a description of the vehicle that may have caused this accident and have not confirmed if the shooting was, in fact, random.

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