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Foresthill Woman Trapped After Tree Falls On House In Snowstorm

FORESTHILL (CBS13) — The Placer County community of Foresthill is in survival mode right now. The power is out and downed trees have left the area looking like more of a disaster zone.

So much snow had fallen so fast, first responders could not get to people calling for help while being trapped in their own homes.

Four separate oak trees fell on a Foresthill home on Bellwood Court with a family sleeping inside. The living room ceiling was left with a giant hole and the broken beams and Insulation exposed.

Becky Cody is staying in a nearby motel now.

She lives in the home with her boyfriend and mother-in-law. They were asleep when the first massive tree crashed through the roof.

"We heard a bunch of snowfall, and then it was crack, crack, crack, crack, bang," Cody said. "I mean, scariest time of my life."

She called 9-1-1 immediately.

"Dispatch was super nice but they're like 'There is no way to get to you,' " Cody said. "There's trees down everywhere."

Trapped in a snowstorm, and as she waited for help, more trees started falling too.

"I never expected to be running from room to room, avoiding trees falling into my house and on top of me," Cody said.

Friends and neighbors were eventually able to use chainsaws to free her from the home.

"Huge shoutout to the Foresthill community," Cody said.

Across Foresthill, there was more damage.

The Stephen family is running off generators with no estimated time when power could be restored.

"And actually over here, a tree hit my house," Frank Stephen said. "People are really helping out other people."

Auburn Lowry went grocery shopping for people unable to get past unplowed roads.

"I got some milk and frozen peas, fig bars, just some snacks and things that friends needed," Lowry said.

This snow storm wreaked havoc in Foresthill. It's left Becky Cody homeless, but also with a full heart.

"I mean we're all alive," Cody said. "Luckily, Foresthill has a really tight community."

Cody says she has lived through the Bay Area's biggest earthquakes and says this snow storm was definitely the scariest experience she has ever had.

She says she doesn't expect she'll be able to move back into her home for a year because of the extensive damage.

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