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Fast-Moving Denair Tornado Uproots Trees, Damages Nearly Two-Dozen Homes

DENAIR (CBS13) — A tornado that damaged more than 20 homes and uprooted hundreds of trees in Denair was captured on cellphone video.

The National Weather Service said on Monday that the tornado in Stanislaus County was an EF1.

Mac Wilson came by to check on his car. He saw the storm coming on Sunday and decided to leave a park. Before he knew it, it was driving through a tornado. A large tree branch blasted through his window, almost taking off his friend's head.

"Glass everywhere," he said. "A piece came down here and hit me in the face, nothing too bad we were lucky. Couple scrapes on my hand."

The sounds of chainsaws and chippers were heard down Zeering Street on Monday as crews picked up what the tornado threw down.

Cleanup will take a bit longer for Sabrina Woodard. The front of her garage was leveled, and underneath the huge pile of wood is her husband's classic car.

"The house was rattling, within seconds the windows were all blowing in," said Sabrina Woodard. "Couple of times I thought, 'My gosh is it never going to end?' but it wasn't probably any longer than five minutes."

Wood is shocked the fast-moving tornado didn't kill her.

"We thought if this is the way we're going to go, this is the way we are going to go. Thank goodness we were given another chance," she said.

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