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Farm-to-Fork Festival wraps up right near rally for farm workers

UFW camping at the capitol amid Farm-to-Fork Festival in downtown Sacramento
UFW camping at the capitol amid Farm-to-Fork Festival in downtown Sacramento 02:14

SACRAMENTO — From a rally at the Capitol to the Farm-to-Fork Festival at Capitol Mall, there was a push for every part of the food chain this weekend.  

West Sacramento Vice Mayor Quirina Orozco remembers the struggles of her grandfather, who was a farm worker for more than four decades.   

"For years, we understood the plight of him waking up before the crack of dawn and going out there and coming back home at sundown."

Orozco is one of several local city leaders who joined a group representing the United Farm Workers at the State Capitol. 

They've been rallying at the Capitol ever since they finished their 355-mile march across the state to support AB-2183 offering more protections. They're now passing day 27 camping at the capitol to put pressure on Gov. Newsom.

"All of us know how important it is for our region. And that's why we all came together to say sign the bill, and we've got to respect every aspect of what it takes to put food on the table," said Sacramento Mayor Pro Tem Eric Guerra.

And just around the corner from the farm worker rally, the Farm-to-Fork Festival wrapped up its two-day event that made a pre-pandemic comeback.

"You know, when we started this event, we were just excited to showcase the men and women who make Sacramento the Farm-to-Fork capital," said Kari Miskit with Visit Sacramento.

More than a mile of vendors and live entertainment is not just celebrating local farmers but supporting them after another year of struggling through the drought and recent record-breaking heat.

"Today's the Farm-to-Fork festival celebrating around the region. It's also important to respect the farm workers as we celebrate farm to fork," said Guerra.

They're rallying to respect every aspect of the food chain.

"This  AB-2183 is one of those opportunities where we can really support the folks who put the food on our table and help our livelihoods day-to-day," said Orozco.

The clock is ticking for Gov. Newsom to sign or veto AB-2183 along with several others that are on his desk, with less than a week left to decide.

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