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Families Reunite As Travel Picks Up at Sacramento International Airport

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - New guidance from the CDC gives the green light to fully-vaccinated travelers to hit the road or take to the sky.

However, the CDC also said those who are not yet fully vaccinated should still hold off on any non-essential travel.

The Sacramento International Airport is already reporting an uptick in travel, recently, as more people long for their loved ones.

For Ella Rose and Gigi Andrade, their Friday afternoon hug was long overdue. After more than a year apart, and all that time filled with built-up pandemic baggage, it's in a Sacramento baggage claim they found they could finally release those emotions.

"A number one, some flowers – just so she knows she can find grandma," said Andrade, showing all she brought for her granddaughter.

The trip wasn't expected to happen until summer, but it came early thanks to a gift.

"All of the grandparents have now received their second vaccine," said Andrade.

Vaccinated and ready for vacation, Andrade and Rose were among the many anxiously awaiting to reunite with loved ones.

"I miss my daughter, granddaughter, son-in-law," Andrade said. "Now it's not as frightening to fly."

Many people expressed they've missed moments together. It's likely the driver behind an increase in travel at Sacramento International Airport, coupled with increased comfortability, the easing of reopening protocols, and more vaccinations.

"Flights were completely full," said Gary Webbster, explaining what he witnessed on his plane.

Still, he said he felt safe. The need to spend the Easter holiday with family brought the Webbsters altogether once again.

Sara Miller, from Folsom, was eager as well. She had the opportunity to hold her baby nephew once again after months apart.

"We used to be able to spend so much more time with them before COVID," Miller said. "Being able to spend quality time with them is so important."

All of these families seem to see the light at the bottom of the airport escalator and ended their journeys with joy.

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