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Easter Eggs Containing Racist Messages Left In Oakdale Neighborhood

OAKDALE, Calif. (CBS13) - An Oakdale neighborhood discovered Easter eggs set out that weren't filled with treats, but instead contained messages of hate.

From the outside, it looks like a regular plastic egg kids collect on Easter, but on the inside, they were "hateful messages, messages of discrimination and prejudice," said Charlene Barnett, who found the eggs.

Barnett, who did not want her face on camera, says each egg contained a piece of paper with notes containing racially-charged messages.

"Mine in particular said Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, and white countries for everyone," said Barnett.

The mysterious eggs showed up Friday. Dozens were placed on doorsteps and in front lawns of homes in Oakdale's Vineyard subdivision. The back of each note had the name of a website that promotes pro-white activism,

"My nieces had their families put these together," said Barnett, referring to some other, more positive eggs.

The Barnetts say they're not focusing on the bad eggs. In fact, a basket of good eggs was delivered to their door Easter morning also containing paper notes.

"And they all say things like 'I love you,'" said Barnett.

Barnett says she feels conflicted. She's a strong supporter of free speech, but if a person's message is hateful or white-supremacy propaganda, she says, "don't bring it to my house, please."

Oakdale police are investigating who left the eggs. They could be cited for littering and posting fliers without the city's permission.

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