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Caught On Camera: Dog Feces Flung At Roseville Home With BLM Lawn Signs

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A Roseville homeowner says surveillance video shows someone throwing dog feces at his front door. He believes he was targeted because of his Black Lives Matter lawn signs.

Anthony Taula-Lieras says his home's surveillance camera captured the nasty behavior on video by someone he believes also lives in the neighborhood.

The video, recorded at 3 a.m., first shows an unleashed German Shepard walking by, followed by the dog's owner who then throws that's heard landing on the doorstep. Taula-Lieras found it the next morning.

"[The video shows a man] looking at our house and flinging the dog's poop right at our door," Taula-Lieras said. "It did scare my family."

Taula-Lieras has two young children who live in the home as well. His five-year-old asked him why someone would do this.

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"'Daddy did somebody put poop on our door because of our sign?'" Taula-Lieras said. "And we are a little more on edge to think, 'in our community, are we ultimately as safe as we thought we were?'"

Despite the obscene act, Taula-Lieras is willing to forgive whoever flung the dog doo at his front door.

"I felt like people had lapses of judgment, and that this was a lapse of judgment, on this person's part," Taula-Lieras said.

A revolting show of intolerance, revealing a response of restraint.

"Although the harm is done and the fear is instilled, I think it's still important to forgive people," Taula-Lieras said.

Taula-Lieras has not filed a police report. If someone does it again he says he will file one, and his family will feel even more threatened.

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