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Changing your walking routine as summer approaches

Changing your walk routine as summer approaches
Changing your walk routine as summer approaches 01:46

As summer approaches and the weather heats up, you may have to change how you get that outdoor exercise.

That means altering your walking routine. 

Walking is good for the body, and it's a matter of carving out the time to do it. 

The question is: Which is better - one long walk a day or a series of short walks? 

It depends on what you're going for and what you have time to do. 

According to research by two top cardiologists, shorter walks are the way to go if you're looking at establishing an exercise routine. 

Dr. Tamanna Singh said, "It's easier to carve out a shorter amount of time more frequently in a week than one much longer period of exercise."

In other worse, it reinforces the behavior. It's also easier on the knees and it tends to boost your confidence as you don't get that "I'm really wiped out" feeling. 

Experts say fatigue frustration after a long walk forces many people to give up easily and skip walks altogether. 

Research shows that shorter walks aren't as intense and they can help with your creativity. 

Longer walks are a good idea when your goal is cardiovascular fitness and cutting the risk of chronic illness like diabetes or heart disease. 

The doctor says mitochondrial density is increased, calling it "the battery pack for your cells". 

A short walk is anything under 20 minutes, and a long walk is anything more than 45 minutes. 

Long or short, the advice stays the same. Auto versus pedestrian crashes are up, so put the phones away and make sure the volume on those earbuds isn't too high. 

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