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Man, 26, Suspected Of Attacking Ceres Grocery Store Employees After Trying To Steal Delivery Truck

CERES (CBS13) — A man suspected of trying to steal a delivery truck at Ceres grocery store has been arrested after he also allegedly attacked employees with a 2x4.

Ceres police say, just after 7 a.m. Monday, 26-year-old Lucas Lee went to the loading dock area behind the Whitmore Avenue Save Mart and allegedly tried to take off with a delivery truck.

Someone confronted Lee, prompting him to get a 2x4 with screws sticking out. Lee then allegedly started swinging the board at the person.

Lee then chased the person into the store and allegedly started attacking employees inside. At least one person was struck by Lee, police say.

"You don't normally see that in real life," said Ceres Police Officer Freddie Ortiz.

At some point, Lee ran back out to the loading dock area and continued to threaten employees. A police officer quickly arrived, but Lee allegedly started advancing on the officer.

Lee eventually gave up once another officer pulled up with a K9 and brought it out of the patrol car.

Ortiz said Ceres police are familiar with the 26 year-old suspect. Just days before Lee attacked at Save Mart, he was arrested blocks away on Casa Verde Drive. Lee was charged with a felony on January 5, according to Stanislaus County court documents, for possessing metal knuckles.

Police say Lee is now facing felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon, attempted carjacking, robbery, and making criminal threats.

"It's frustrating the fact that he's back out doing the same thing again," Officer Ortiz said.

Lee has been booked into the Stanislaus County Jail.

"I have two kids and yes it's concerning," said a man named Jose, who lives on Casa Verde Drive in Ceres.

We asked the Stanislaus County District Attorney's Office why Lee was released the first time. They said it's because with no violent criminal history, a judge is more likely to grant bail.

"They should have just kept him locked up," said Ceres resident Taya Cabales.

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