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Officials: Soil Not Harmful Near School's Cell Tower, Parents Still Looking For Answers

RIPON (CBS13) — On March 18th, seven soil samples were taken from around the Weston Elementary School campus. The soil samples follow concerns about a cell phone tower causing cancer in students on campus.

In the last few years, four students at Weston were diagnosed with different forms of cancer. Parents thought there might a connection with the tower.

Specifically, the district was looking for levels of four chemicals including chlorinated herbicides, organochlorine pesticides, arsenic, and lead.

At Monday's school board meeting, the district publicly released the results of the report that was conducted by an environmental engineering firm.

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The conclusion read, "based on results of laboratory analysis of the chemicals of potential concern, Wallace, Kuhl and Associates has determined that near-surface soil at the site does not pose a significant risk to human health and the environment."

"Basically what they're telling us is the soil there is safe for human health have that site," said Andy Strickland, Director of Facility Operations

Even though testing showed the tower is safe and meets federal guidelines, it's being removed. One parent spoke out Monday night, saying other towers near schools also need to go.

"I'd much rather have these towers moved to a safer distance, much further away from schools," said parent Kim Waldbauer

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