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Caught On Camera: Suspect Steals Wallet From Purse In Vacaville Restaurant

VACAVILLE (CBS13) - A man eating at a Vacaville restaurant is caught on camera stealing the wallet of another diner and now police officers are trying to catch him.

You can see the man in the checkered-shirt move his chair closer to the woman, whose back is to him, then reach into her open purse. The woman told police, "I felt someone in my bag. You can see me reaching back in the video to feel my bag and then the guy pulls his hand out. I should have moved my bag…and for some strange reason I didn't. But I kept thinking something was off."

After the initial attempt the thief reaches in again and successfully grabs the wallet. He then puts the wallet in his lap and covers it with his menu, before putting it under his shirt.

Credit: Vacaville PD

The restaurant hasn't been identified.

Vacaville PD posted the video on Facebook Friday morning and it's been viewed more than 5,500 times.

If you recognize the man call CSO Morgan at 707-469-5642 and refer to case #18-06240.

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