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Camp Fire Rubble Turned Into Art At Sacramento Gallery

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — From the ashes to the art gallery, items pulled from homes ravaged by the Camp Fire have a new home as part of a Sacramento art exhibit.

Melted picture slides, torched watches, charred rifles, all pulled from the rubble of two homes destroyed in the Camp Fire are now part of a powerful installation at Archival Gallery in Sacramento called Simple Objects: An Excavation.

Artist Stephanie Taylor worked in collaboration with Christy Heron-Clark, who lost four generations of family memories in last November's Camp Fire. Together, they gathered what was left of these family relics to create this moving space.

Taylor used charcoal from lumber that held up her grandmother's hose to create a mural representing the wildfire wind.

The deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history burned so hotly, it melted down the hubcaps from cars trapped in the inferno, which are now hung for the public to see.

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"This installation is a little bit different because it has such a strong emotional attachment to our community. People who were impacted by the paradise fire, who lived in Paradise, they get to experience artwork in a whole new way," said Heath Buckmaster with the Archival Gallery.

The journey these items took to get to this space is devastating, but the hope is that through this multimedia collaboration, a small piece of Paradise has been preserved for future generations.

"I'm hoping they realize that everybody has an object that they feel really strongly about. It might not be something valuable, it's what we retain when we lose. What we hope we retain," Taylor said.

The art installation will be on display until June 29 at Archival Gallery in Sacramento.

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