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Call Kurtis: Why won't AAA cover my tow?

Call Kurtis: Why won't AAA cover my tow?
Call Kurtis: Why won't AAA cover my tow? 01:46

Treacherous driving in a storm ended up taking a car off the road. But these viewers had AAA, so why didn't roadside assistance cover the tow?

It was time to call on Kurtis Ming to investigate.

Moving his granddaughter to Washington State, Douglas Wolff hit a storm and his truck slid off the road into a ravine with water.

"9-1-1 responded," said Doug. "The policeman called the tow company to pull me up onto the pavement."

But when he submitted the $483 tow bill to his roadside assistance company, AAA, they denied the claim on the basis of the tow involving water.

Doug disputed the decision.

"The policy that I have does not state that at all," he said.

CBS13 scanned the fine print of AAA's roadside assistance guide, which on page five, under service limitations, states they won't tow vehicles in an "area not regularly traveled by private passenger vehicles," or from "inaccessible streets, back roads ... which become ... flooded."

Doug doesn't think his crash fits that criteria.

"I felt like I was beating my head against the wall because I was getting no answers and nowhere," said Doug.

I reached out to AAA, which immediately agreed to reimburse Doug. A spokesperson didn't tell us why there was a change but said "Providing a great customer experience is important to us. We have worked with the Member to resolve this issue."

Thankfully, Doug reached out to CBS13.

"I'd just about given up and I thought, oh, well, I'll try and call Kurtis and see what happens," he said. "And I'm glad I did." 

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