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Call Kurtis: Home Depot Didn't Bill Me; Are My $2,500 Worth Of Appliances Free?

Most viewers call Kurtis because they're looking to get their money back. But a retired Carmichael woman called because she owed a company money it wouldn't take.

This honest Carmichael grandmother wants to pay for her appliances. But Home Depot wouldn't let her! What would you do, stay quiet or speak up?

A fridge, five-burner gas stove, a microwave and a dishwasher - $2,591.70 worth of appliances Trish Jarvis bought from Home Depot.

"It's beautiful," she said. "It's great, I'm not complaining at all."

Actually the retiree does have one complaint.

"To this date, I have not been able to get a billing from them, nothing. And it's making me paranoid. I'm too honest," said Trish.

She ordered them over the phone in November after Home Depot's website crashed on Cyber Monday. But despite several calls, Home Depot still hadn't billed her.

"At one point, they even said I'd paid for it. I said no I didn't," said Trish.

Then Home Depot paid her $83.51 in a credit on her Home Depot credit card because the price of the microwave she still hadn't paid for had dropped!

"Everyone wants money back and I want to pay them money," said Trish.

"Nothing comes for free in life," said Eric Ratinoff, a consumer attorney at KCR Legal.

Ratinoff says under California contract law, Home Depot has four years to bill Trish. But he thinks it would catch up with her before then.

"Somewhere along the line, Home Depot is going to figure out they're either missing a refrigerator or they're missing $2,500," said Ratinoff.

We reached out to Home Depot.

In an email, Steve Holmes, senior manager for corporate communications, wrote: "The store's system had a glitch at the time of purchase, which meant the charge had to be manually keyed in and that didn't happen somehow. It's something we would have caught eventually, but we certainly appreciate her pointing it out."

After we got involved, Home Depot billed Trish, giving her a 10 percent discount for her honesty.

Her friends questioned whether she should've said anything.

"They say I'm crazy but I just know it would catch up with me," said Trish.

That 10 percent added up to around $250. Not bad for being honest.

Ratinoff says if Home Depot found this out before the four years, she could have ended up being slapped with finance charges.

But Home Depot tells us it would not have done that since it was the store's mistake.

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