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Call Kurtis: Help me return this recliner

Call Kurtis: Help me return this recliner
Call Kurtis: Help me return this recliner 01:21

SACRAMENTO — A Sacramento viewer says Macy's sent her furniture in the wrong color and she's tried for more than a month to send it back. When she couldn't get a replacement, it was time to call Kurtis.

Looking to retire next year, Cris Moore treated herself to a new, $700 recliner from Macy's.

"After sixteen years of state service, I want a recliner in my room," she said.

But the chair arrived in a beige, and she ordered heather gray.

"It was that ugly, yellowish color," she said.

But the box it arrived in was damaged, and even though Macy's gave her a shipping number to send it back, she says UPS wouldn't take it unless it was in a box.

"I don't want to get stuck with something that I didn't even want," Moore said.

We reached out to Macy's, which apologized, saying the item shipped directly from a vendor. They told her she could donate the chair and issued her a full refund.

"I was really just trying to treat myself," Moore said. "I'm looking at retiring next year."

If you are delivered a big ticket item, do a full inspection because often if you sign for it, you are acknowledging you got what you ordered and that it was in perfect condition.

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