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California Legislators Advance 10 Gun Bills In Wake Of Orlando Shooting

SACRAMENTO (CBS) — Echoes of Orlando filled the California state Capitol on Tuesday as guns dominated the conversation and debate.

Ten bills involving gun rights were presented in committee meetings. All 10 passed.

The discussion was set in light of the Orlando shooting massacre.

"California can't do it alone, but we can start," said Assemblyman Bill Quirk

The focus on action for some in the Assembly public safety committee.

"Individuals keep saying lets pray for change," said Assemblyman Evan Low of San Jose, "We're not going to pray for change. We're going to legislate for change."

Low is in favor of tougher gun laws. He spoke directly to a National Rifle Association lobbyist during the meeting, blaming his organization for what happened in Orlando.

"It's very difficult for me to sit here and look at you in the eyes and have respect for you sir," said Low.

Sam Paredes of Gun Owners of California took offense to Low's comments.

"If they want to go that way, boy, we can do that too and they won't like it," said Paredes.

Ammunition also came under fire from legislatures. A proposed bill would create a statewide ammunition registration.

"It will make the cost of ammunition sky rocket and will literally put a lot of ammunition vendors out of business," said Paredes.

"That's what we're supposed to do as legislators, is to legislate to make sure that the people of California and our nation are safe," said State Sen. Isadore Hall of Los Angeles.

Another bill would force gun owners to keep better track of their weapons. The measure would require people to report a lost or stolen gun within a reasonable amount of time.

"Lets keep these firearms out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them," said State Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, "That's what this bill does and I'm pleased that it's moving forward."

The tense moments, raw emotion, and mentions of Orlando dominated the meetings.
One woman breaking down while advocating for restrictions on high powered assault style weapons Her daughter was killed in a workplace shooting.

"Every life that is lost, there is a family behind these people, that person who are impacted forever," said Amanda Wilcox with the California Chapter of the Brady Campaign.

Assemblyman Tom Lackey said the emotion of the conversation "can blur the vision" moving forward. He warned about making quick judgments.

"Guns aren't the source of the violence, it's bad people," said Lackey.

His efforts fell short.

Below are a list of the bills presented on Tuesday.

  • SB 880 - Ban on bullet button
  • SB 894 - Report stolen or lost weapon
  • SB1235- Ammo registration
  • SB1407 - Serial number for weapons
  • SB1446 - Magazine restrictions
  • AB1664 - Define "detachable magazine"
  • AB1637 - Require background check to purchase frame
  • AB1674 - Prohibit purchase of more than 1 gun in 30 day period
  • AB1695 - Criminalize false report of stolen firearm
  • AB2607 - Increase gun violence restraining order
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