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California Set To Change Clocks Again Despite Voters Approving Permanent Daylight Saving Time

SACRAMENTO (KPIX 5) – Here it comes again! Early Sunday morning, Daylight Saving Time goes away and everyone needs to turn their clocks back one hour.

But wait, didn't voters just pass a measure that would make Daylight Saving Time permanent? Yes, voters did pass Proposition 7 in 2018, but state lawmakers still needed to make it official.

"I pushed hard to move the bill out of the Assembly floor," said Assemblymember Kansen Chu (D-San Jose), who authored the measure. "But as you know, this bill had to go to the Senate floor and it was held up by the Senate Energy Committee."

The measure was stalled in Sacramento and never saw the light of day. So, here we are going back to Pacific Standard Time.


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