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Businesses Prepare For End Of COVID Restrictions, New Mask Guidelines

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – California is on the cusp of a full reopening.

COVID rules officially disappear on June 15. No more tier system, no more capacity limits.

Businesses are gearing up for the big change, but how close to normal can we expect things to get? For many, the first item on the agenda is mask off.

"I'm noticing most people not wearing them anymore. A lot of people are feeling more comfortable not wearing them," said Alyssa Jovidan.

State officials are dropping the mask mandate on June 15. Governor Newsom said vaccinated workers also won't have to wear masks starting June 17.

"For those that are fully vaccinated, they won't be wearing masks. For those who aren't vaccinated they'll still be wearing masks," said Troy Paski, the owner of Railyard restaurant in Old Sacramento.

That'll be the same setup at Adam Attia's gym Fitness Rangers.

"It's really [an] honor code," Attia said.

Attia said on the big reopening day he'll still only be operating at about 50 percent capacity.

"We're still kind of ramping up. I don't think it's a black and white all-or-nothing kind of thing," he said.

Some of the survival tools learned when the pandemic first started are here to stay.

"We'll continue to build that online presence and offer more programs to people that can't necessarily get into the gym," Attia said.

Like many restaurant owners, Paski said he's still seeing a staff shortage but he'll welcome as many people into his restaurant that he can fit.

"Governor says no COVID restrictions, so no social distancing; you can do whatever you want," Paski said.

Pretty much the only thing that is still regulated is indoor mega-events, things that draw crowds of thousands of people. That's something people might end up needing to show proof of vaccine for.

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