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Blown-out windows, cracked windshields? Drivers warn others after highway incidents in Roseville

Drivers warn others after highway incidents in Roseville
Drivers warn others after highway incidents in Roseville 01:55

ROSEVILLE – Drivers traveling near Highway 65 and Interstate 80 in Roseville are warning others about possible road hazards after reports of cracked windshields and shattered windows.

For Arthur Androyna, a family outing Saturday turned into a frightening moment.

"When we got towards Sacramento County, the back window just blew out," Androyna said.

The father told CBS13 his driver's side back passenger window mysteriously exploded while driving westbound on I-80 in Roseville. Like confetti, shards of glass hit his child.

"I thought I had a blown tire because it was so loud," said the Lincoln resident.

Later, he learned others endured similar situations. He started wondering whether something more nefarious was happening.

A California Highway Patrol spokesperson said it checked recent logs and did not find any reports of similar incidents in the area.

Though, Caltrans District 3 said it is looking into the reports of damaged windows.

Other drivers say they have noticed more debris and loose gravel following January's storms.

"A couple of times, I've driven to work – thankfully, not the windshield – but I've heard stuff hitting the side like hitting on the paint," said Jordan Bonfante, a Citrus Heights resident.

A nearby auto repair body shop said car owners have been looking for window replacements lately.

As for whether it is possible a large rock could have hit Androyna's rear window? Some shops say yes.

"I didn't see anything hit it," he said. "So, I don't know what exactly happened."

If drivers would like to file a claim with Caltrans, click here.

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