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Blood Drive Helps Raise Funds For Lodi Boy Who Survived Deadly Crash

LODI (CBS13) - A 9-year-old boy is bringing the city of Lodi together as Delta Blood Bank held a replacement blood drive in his name Saturday.

"It's very much a community that wants to give back, that wants to help," said organizer Lynn MacDonald.

One-hundred donors gave blood in the name of a little Lodi boy who lost his entire family in a car crash.

"You're trying to help out a young man that's struggling himself because of his family members passing away. And, I feel like I should do something for him," said Luis Arajo.

When most kids his age are focused on fun and games, 9-year-old Eden Miranda is overcoming a heartbreaking loss. He is the lone survivor of an October car accident. All of his brothers and sisters died along with his mom and dad.

"You know a little boy, he's in need, he lost his entire family and I felt really bad," said one donor.

Miranda survived the wreck in critical condition. He had broken legs and a punctured kidney.

"If I could, I'd give him some money, a little present or two, just to cheer him up. Cause I know he's going through a hard time himself," said Arajo.

Miranda's uncle talked to CBS13 in November. He said he forgave the man under arrest for allegedly driving drunk and causing the deadly crash.

It's a remarkable response following a tragic loss.

Now, Miranda is encouraging his community to bond through its blood.

Miranda is now living with his godmother. He is out of his casts and doing physical therapy.

For every pint donated Saturday, $10 went toward Miranda's medical bills.

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