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Best Mixologist Bars In Sacramento

Drinking has come a long way, indeed, and you happen to live in a place that takes cuisine seriously. Mixoloogy is just another part of the whole foodie picture, and these watering holes will not only wet your whistle, but take your imagination along with it. It's an engagement of the mind, as well as the taste buds. Mixology is an art, and great mixologists treat their trade as such. A great mixologist isn't just someone who knows which mixers an alcohols taste good together, they are always taking educated leaps, taking culinary adventures, and wielding new approaches. Sacramento, being the foodie town it is, knows this, so here are five places to take in these choice libations.
The Shady Lady Saloon
1409 R St., Suite 101
Sacramento, CA 95811-6672
(916) 231-9121

With too many accolades to list here, The Shady Lady isn't just the best in Sacramento, it's one of the best in America. The Shady Lady is birthed from a speakeasy mentality with a fitting atmosphere and menu of drinks. This is the place to try a new, elaborate mixed drink while listening to live jazz music.

Ella Dining Room And Bar
1131 K St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 443-3772

Arguably one of the best dining experiences north of San Francisco, Ella has all the details down. From the gorgeous decor, to the amazing menu, to the bar's pairings mixology attitude. Perfect for nearly any occasion, Ella has a stupendous drink menu, all thanks to bar manager, Chris Dooley, who's been with Ella since the very beginning, ensuring his menu jives with the restaurants.

1801 Capitol Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 441-0303

Now, you're saying, "Whoa, there. This is a margarita joint." True, but this margarita joint is more than happy to break all the rules for a delicious aperitif.  Blackberry mojitos, sparkling concoctions, and the like make this drink menu stand up and be noticed. With a great food menu, it's a toss-up as to whether you want to hit the bar or to grab a bite, so you should do both.

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The Red Rabbit
2718 J St.
Sacramento, CA 95816

An active little spot, particularly if you're joining the after-work crowd, is part of the J St. restaurant corridor. The Red Rabbit isn't know for their food (though the Osso Bucco is to die for), but their extensive, slightly daring drinks, like The Basil Cocktail with absinthe and The Widow's Kiss with chartreuse. Whatever you're looking for, this drink menu has you covered.

The Empress Tavern
1013 K St
Sacramento, California
(916) 662-7694

New kid on the block, The Empress, is adjoined to the Crest Theater and has an awesome menu with drinks that aren't to be divorced from the eats. Bar manager, Len Peterson, and owner and executive chef, Mike Thiemann, use the menu to inspire the drinks. It's an approach that speaks to artistry, and turns a night of drinking into a complete culinary experience.

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Christopher Millard is a freelance writer and cultural critic whose music reviews can be found on He also works as a publicist for Valence Communications Group and is a contributor to the health and wellness magazine, Hybrid. Chris currently resides in Sacramento, California.
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