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Alcohol Sales Ban In Talks For Levi's Stadium

Santa Clara city council members are expressing safety concerns after a Minnesota Vikings fan was beaten following the 49ers home game on Monday, September 14th, at Levi's Stadium.

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that city council members Lisa Gillmor, Teresa O'Neill and Debi Davis have suggested a ban on alcohol sales beginning at halftime.

"We really need to send a message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated," Councilwoman Gillmor stated.

Teresa O'Neill agreed with the suggestion. "I know they make a lot of money off of alcohol sales, but if people have an hour and a half (without alcohol) maybe they will cool down a bit," said O'Neill.

The city council members have asked for time be set aside on Tuesday's council meeting to talk about "possible actions to address health and safety issues at the stadium."

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