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'60 Minutes' Report On Formaldehyde In Laminate Floors Has Parents Worried

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A family is left wondering if they are breathing toxic air in their home after a "60 Minutes" investigation into flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators.

The report focused on reportedly high levels of formaldehyde in flooring used in California homes.

The pitter-patter of 15-month-old baby Livia's feet on the floor used to bring smiles. Now it has Mom and Dad uncertain.

Their concern of breathing carcinogens comes after Dad remodeled with 1,400 square feet of Lumber Liquidators laminate.

A "60 Minutes" investigation showed laminate made in China exceeds the California Air Resources Board's limits for formaldehyde.

The company is disputing the findings, saying "Some of the testing cited by 60 Minutes was conducted based on methods that have not been independently verified."

A study for for the air resources board shows excessive formaldehyde levels in homes are common. Of 100 new homes tested, the median indoor concentration of 36 micrograms per cubic meter is four times California's acceptable exposure level.

$100 test kits can measure levels, and sending the laminate to a commercial lab could cost $1,500. But for the Sigi family, all the work to make their home more comfortable has them now on edge.

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