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5 Best Halloween Costumes For 2017

By Steph Rodriguez

Summertime was filled with blockbuster movies featuring tough, female superheroes like "Wonder Woman" and, most recently, the remake of the Stephen King's horror novel "IT". So it's no surprise many of this fall's Halloween costume ideas are inspired by movies, hit television shows like "Game of Thrones," and more. Whether you're attending a costume party Han Solo on all Hallow's Eve or have the itch to dress up with your significant other, these trending costume ideas will be a huge event no matter where you trick-or-treat this season.


The classic horror novel written by Stephen King was once again adapted for film this year. So it's no surprise one of the most popular costumes for Halloween this season is none other than the creepy, drain dwelling clown himself, Pennywise. Now, there are two ways to dress up as the infamous clown this hallow's eve. Go with the classic 1986 depiction of IT with its blue and white ruffled neckline and yellow clown suit complete with puffy orange balls down the chest. Or, horror fans could sport IT's new look in the 2017 remake where Pennywise takes on a much more sinister feel with extremely creepy makeup, and gray and red ruffled clown attire. Either way, don't forget to carry a few balloons to pass out to passersby come nightfall for that extra spooky factor because, "We all float down here."

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman, the DC Comics character, hit the big screen this year and showed that women do kick some serious butt. There are a few ways women can pull off the Amazonian warrior without having to sport the short skirt and tight corset-like top. One costume idea calls for a pair of skinny jeans, some red heels, and a Wonder Woman T-shirt with attached red cape. All that's left is to curl those locks and buy Wonder Woman's signature golden headband complete with red star and you'll be the best dressed superhero on the block. For the die-hard cosplayers, there are plenty of ready-to-order, realistic Wonder Woman costumes for sale online with a simple Google search. Most costumes come with Wonder Woman's bullet-stopping wrist guards, headbands, red and blue skirt and tube top, and of course, some knee-high boot toppers, because everyone needs a hero this Halloween.  
Couple Costume: Jon Snow and Daenerys
With author George R.R. Martin's "Game of Thrones" television series wrapping up at the end of August, fans of the Starks, Lannisters or the Targaryens will have plenty of inspiration to pull from during Halloween. The top trending costume this season in the realm of fire and ice goes to characters Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. (Spoiler alert):The two fictional characters finally met each other this past season and started a little romance, so this costume idea is the perfect fit for any couple looking to impress others during a night on the town. For Daenerys, a long, blond wig with a few braids and blue flowing dress with a large slit should do the trick. For Jon, a big, dark, furry coat with all dark attire will convince everyone at the party that you are in fact, the King of the North. Also, be sure to carry a large sword to really complete the look because, "Winter is coming."

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Family Costume: "Star Wars the Force Awakens"
When "Star Wars the Force Awakens" hit theaters two years ago, young girls and women alike were introduced to a new, strong female lead character, Rey. As the Star Wars franchise continues to evolve through the decades, so do the possibilities for costumes for the entire family. With this costume idea, mom, dad, and siblings can get in on the Halloween fun. For mom: Princess Leia's general costume is more of a an army green pantsuit with a brown vest and a simple updo. For dad: the classic Han Solo attire will do just fine complete with blaster. For the kids: a young Rey with her cream and gray-colored flowing threads and brown boots and a Luke Skywalker with Jedi robe and lightsaber would all complete the family look. This Halloween, "May the force be with you."
Group Costume: "Stranger Things" 
With the season premiere of its second season airing October 27, the popular Netflix series "Stranger Things" returns just in time to inspire the best group costumes on the block. Choose from the powerful Eleven or any of her pals Dustin, Mike, Will, or Lucas each with its signature characteristics to really light up any party. There's also Winona Ryder's character, Joyce, a disheveled mother who smokes like a train; or chief of police Jim Hopper who loves the booze; and who could forget Barb—the nerdy and sweet character that fell victim to the "upside down." Grab a few close friends and randomly pick each character out of a hat to really mix up this fun idea for a group costume this season. 

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