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Sacramento History Museum reaches 1 billion views on YouTube channel

Sacramento History Museum's YouTube channel reaches 1 billion views
Sacramento History Museum's YouTube channel reaches 1 billion views 02:36

SACRAMENTO — It's a big number for a small museum.

The Sacramento History Museum just hit one billion views on its YouTube channel. That is more than any museum in the world.

Delta Pick Mello, the museum's executive director, was as blown away by the milestone as anyone.

"There is intention to it and strategy, but there's also a lot of luck," Mello said. "And so, you don't know exactly what in the beginning will pique somebody's interest or go viral."

People around the world love the slow-paced, show-and-tell stories featuring museum workers Howard Hatch and Jared Jonas.

As far as video views, the Sacramento History Museum's billion is now more than Arnold Schwarzenegger's 280 million or the Sacramento Kings' 39 million.

It's now on the heels of rap superstar Snoop Dogg's 3 billion YouTube video views.

"OK, we're coming for you, Snoop Dogg!" Mello said.

More YouTube views also mean more hard cash. YouTube pays creators and the checks to them are now enough to cover one full-time museum employee a year.

The Sacramento History Museum struck gold by mastering social media to bring this city's past to the modern world.

Besides YouTube, you can also find the Sacramento History Museum with huge followings on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

You can also visit them in person in their building in Old Sacramento.

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