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Kym Gable

Kym Gable - KDKA
Kym Gable KDKA-TV

Kym came to KDKA in 2006 and anchors the 4 and 6 p.m. newscasts.

Kym also produces uplifting, enlightening stories for KDKA's "On A Positive Note" segment, and is honored to bring viewers stories of the unsung heroes, givers and doers in Pittsburgh.

Community outreach and volunteerism are driving forces in her life: Kym is the director of the non-profit support network 'Inspired Women Paying It Forward' in the South Hills. The multi-chapter organization has donated over a quarter of a million dollars to charitable organizations in Pittsburgh and across the globe.

Kym has a background in theater and dance and still enjoys dancing with her twin girls (and her martial arts and boxing training makes her a formidable opponent in the ring).

She and her family have the "travel bug" and savor their globe-trotting experiences around the globe.

She considers herself 'a professional penny-pincher' too. Always the bargain-hunter and educated consumer, she's thrilled to share her money-saving secrets with other families.


  • Joined KDKA: As a part-timer in 2006
  • Hometown: Wheeling, West Virginia
  • Alma Mater: West Liberty State University – Magna Cum Laude


  • Music: Johnny Cash, Broadway Show Tunes, and a little Top 40 mixed in
  • Movie: "Titanic"
  • TV Show: "This is Us"
  • Book: "The Confidence Code"
  • Hobbies: Martial Arts, Dance, Coupon Clipping
  • Sports Team: WVU Football!
  • Food: Sushi
  • Local Restaurant: Wild Rosemary
  • Sport/Exercise: Spinning, Yoga
  • Quote: "You can't live an extraordinary life if you keep doing ordinary things." (That's my own!)
  • Word: Persiflage
  • Vacation Spot: South of France (going there this Summer, but I just KNOW it will be my fave!)
  • Holiday: Halloween!
  • Guilty Pleasure: Cookie dough
  • Planet: Saturn (the rings "sing!")


  • Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
  • Cats or Dogs? Dogs
  • Beatles or Rolling Stones? Beatles (I had a radio show in college called "The After-Dinner Beatle Break with Kymmie K.")
  • Comedy or Tearjerker? Tearjerker
  • Phone Call or Text Message? Call me!
  • Mac or PC? I'm a Mac girl
  • Coffee or Tea? Coffee!
  • Paper or Plastic? Neither! I carry my own re-usable canvas bags everywhere!
  • Morning Person or Night Person? Night!
  • East Coast or West Coast? East Coast
  • Star Trek or Star Wars? Star Wars
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