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Young Sledders Give Dormont Park Snow Day Rating Of '10 Out of 10'

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Many adults watched the snowfall and focused on the negatives, but children peered out the window with one thing in mind: sledding.

KDKA-TV visited Dormont Park to find some sledding daredevils, both young and old.

"It's the feet that tend to get cold first," parent Aubrey Glover said. "But it's good, and I get to ride every once in a while."

Glover took her two sons to the park, saying it will get them away from the video games and tire them out.

"And fall asleep faster," Glover said.

Both kids and adults call the hill behind the Dormont Pool "perfect."

"A 10 out of 10," Julian Haywood said.

He took his two little girls to the hill and planned to spend hours in the cold.

"When we woke up, I knew we were coming out here," Haywood said. "We come out here every year and it's fun. My parents took us out here to do this, so got to keep the tradition going."

His girls are glad he did.

"He told me, 'Go look outside,' and I was like, 'Whoa, I'm going to go outside and I'm going to stay out there for the rest of the day,'" Ranelle Haywood said.

Her little sister, Joelle, had this to say when asked how much fun she was having.

"100 percent."

KDKA's cameras spotted children from Dormont, Mt. Lebanon and even the nearby Catholic schools. Everyone was thoroughly enjoying their day off and the several inches of fresh, compact snow.

Parents created a line of defense, a sort of barrier between the speeding sledders and open parking lot.

The biggest problems discovered Monday were near-collisions at the bottom of the hill. We spotted many little kids reveling in the speed or length of their run, only to find themselves failing to get out of the way of incoming sledders.

Parents told KDKA they enjoyed it as much as the little ones, with many looking forward to hot chocolate or a beer afterward.

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