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You Need To Eat This: Taco Bell Breakfast

By: Sarah Kovash

Have you gone yet? Have you tried the Taco Bell breakfast?

I loved it (most of it).

So far this blog just focuses on Pittsburgh foods, restaurants, drinks, etc. – but so many of us were chomping at the waffle-taco bit, that I have to say something (even though my beloved fast food chain distinctly did not respond to my pleas for a Taco Bell Breakfast Phone).

I thought it was great.

As much as I love unique, hand-crafted local foods, sometimes a gal just wants some greasy junk food. And Taco Bell breakfast was just that.

I loved the AM Crunchwrap and the Cinnabon bites most of all. But what I thought really made their breakfast cuisine was the bacon.

(Photo Credit: Sarah Kovash) (Photo Credit: Sarah Kovash)

Yes, I know everyone walks around with a heart-shaped cloud above their head filled with a stack of floating bacon these days, but I'm not just saying this as a crazed-eyed meat candy enthusiast.

It really was pretty good bacon. I've had some scary encounters with fast-food bacon in the past, where it's elastic-y and chewy or mostly flavorless, so I'm always a little concerned about what I might find.

But the Taco Bell bacon appears to be -- or at least tastes like – quality bacon. It was crispy, flavorful and even seemed to resemble real meat!

Although I didn't try the breakfast burrito or breakfast taco, I think it's pretty safe to say I would enjoy them as much as the Crunchwrap, considering they were filled the essentially the same ingredients.

Have to say though, after all the hype, I couldn't do the waffle taco. I think it's a great idea, but to modify my favorite quote from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," strange things are afoot in the waffle taco.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say even a soggy Eggo waffle would have been preferable to whatever grease-soaked sponge was served to me in that box. I took one bite and was done.

I might give it another try in the future, but for now, it's a fail.

So, what did you think? Are you on the waffle taco train or did you also think it was a flop?

If you love food too, be sure to follow Sarah on Twitter: @SarahtheKovash


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