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Workers Make Unexpected Discovery At Penn Brewery

(Credit: KDKA)


PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — They've been brewing beer on Pittsburgh's North Side since the late 1840s, and early this week crews at Penn Brewery got a glimpse into its past.

"I think it's pretty exciting news," one worker said.

While rebuilding an old stone wall, workers decided to take a peek into the old entrance to the lagering cave.

They were amazed by what they found.

"We found some very, very large old wooden barrels," Penn Brewery co-owner Linda Nyman said.

The barrels are huge, too big to fit through the door.

Nyman thinks they were actually built in the cave and left there when the doorway was blocked off.

"It's a treat to find a little piece of the brewery's past back there," Nyman said.

The brewery plans to get the wood tested to find out how old the barrels are.

As for using the again, one guy visiting the brewery tonight said, why not?

"If they were serving me a beer out that today, I'd drink it."

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