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Woodland Hills Teacher Passed Up For Promotion Sues District For Racial Discrimination

BRADDOCK, Pa. (KDKA) - A Woodland Hills teacher who is suing the district claims he was passed up twice for a promotion because he is white.

Dr. Charles Kost, a math and computer science teacher at Woodland Hills Junior/Senior High School, has filed a lawsuit against the district.

Kost claims he has applied for an assistant principal position twice and that instead the district hired two other applicants, who are black, instead.

The lawsuit alleges that neither of the other two applicants were as qualified as Kost, who has a masters in education administration and a doctorate in educational leadership. He also claims the other two applicants never previously worked for the district.

"The lawsuit essentially alleges that there is a policy at Woodland Hills that African Americans employees or people who are offered or seek employment are given preference because of their race," Kost's Attorney Samuel Cordes said.

According to the paperwork, the district's "actions in failing to promote Kost because of his race was undertaken intentionally and with reckless indifference" to Kost's rights to be protected from discrimination.

So far, the district hasn't commented on the lawsuit.

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