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As Winter Storm System Moves In, Pittsburghers Pack Grocery Stores For Last-Minute Items

By: Erika Stanish/KDKA-TV

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Residents across the region headed out on Saturday to load up on groceries and salt ahead of the snowstorm.

Kuhn's Market in the Banksville section of the city was packed with shoppers, with some describing it as a "zoo."

"People are looking for the same things: bread and milk," Brookline resident Alex Jordan said.

Some shoppers told KDKA-TV that lines were much longer than usual to check out, even at the deli.

"It was a good 25 minutes," Carol Bell said, a Beechview resident. "Everybody hears snow in Pittsburgh and they all run out ... like we're going to live at home for a month now."

The snowstorm could be the biggest snow event of the year. While residents prepare, so are public works crews.

WATCH: Update From Allegheny County

"We will have at least 30 trucks on the roads, and we'll adjust them accordingly based on the storm," Allegheny County public works director Stephen Shanley said.

Shanley said crews will be out 24/7 until the storm is over. He added that it's an advantage the storm falls over a holiday.

"Between Sunday and Monday, we think it's an advantage to us that our drivers can treat the roads without getting stuck in traffic. We think it's a plus so we can treat the roads quicker and more efficiently," Shanley said.

He said traffic during last week's storm delayed crews from clearing the roads quicker in Allegheny County.

"It hit right at rush hour. So our trucks couldn't hit their routes efficiently as they typically do," Shanley said.

Allegheny County public works said it has 8,000 tons of salt and 3,000 tons of liquid calcium chloride.

"It takes our truck drivers approximately 2 1/2 hours to complete their routes and fill up with new salt. So there could be accumulation and we want everybody to be careful while out on our roadways," Shanley said. "We encourage people to stay home if you're able to. But if you're not, please drive in accordance with road and weather conditions and leave enough room in between you and the car in front of you."

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